Most popular Sports in India.

India is a country where there many homes of different kinds of passion and obsessions. Sports in India is one of the most unite and a large number of segments. There are many different games which are played in India, which is from the most popular game cricket and football to some of the lesser-known but most local game kho-kho. India is the country which is always known for its love for sports. The player who plays for India are passionate and dedicated players, and they are also being and loyal fans.

So, in this content, we are going to mention some of the sports name list with pictures. Below we have mentioned some of the sports which are famous in India.

1. Cricket

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Cricket is one of the most popular sports games in India. BCCI is the main body in India and the Indian premier league is one of the most-watched sports leagues in the World. There are millions of views when there is a match between India and Pakistan.

2. Soccer

Soccer, or football, is a game that is likewise exceptionally famous in India, and enthusiasm for it continues developing. The Indian Soccer League has groups that have committed fans, and the national group is becoming more grounded in its presentation. Soccer in India is additionally getting more inclusion, because of the impact of Bollywood film stars, who demonstrate their help for their preferred national and worldwide groups.

3. Kabaddi

Kabaddi is also the most famous Sports in India. In the last view years, this game has been created a place in People’s hearts. This is the game which has been played by every person who has been grown up, the player who is playing kabaddi they must have good muscles and speed.

4. Hockey

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Hockey Is a national Game of India. It has a long history of hockey in our Country. India has won eight Olympic and gold medals in hockey. But then also people India has an interest in Cricket and Football.

India is a nation where people love sports. So, we have written this content on the sports name list with pictures. So, if you have liked this content then comment below and thank you for reading.